How to use social media to build stronger relationships

How to use Social Media to Build Stronger Relationships

How to use Social Media To Build Stronger Relationships Social Media isn’t about blasting your company’s sales pitch on a social platform. It is a two-way channel where you have the opportunity to build and enrich relationships with your customers and prospects. Why Social Media? Social media platforms continue to grow and we spend more […]

How to Know if You Should Pick-up the Phone or Send an email

According to a Forbes article written by Larry Alton, Millennials prefer text and email over phone calls. Millennials as a whole are less formal, and this spills into the work environment. Especially when 53.5 million workers in the workplace are millennials (Pew Research Center 2015). Also, Millennials as a general rule use whichever form of […]

5 ways for insurance agents & brokers to save time & get more done

5 Technologies To Save Time & Get More Done

The agency/broker channel is under plenty of pressure. We all want teams that act like champions. A culture of productivity. Better communication. Less wasted time. But if we just throw that pressure on our team, they’ll push back. And if we just throw it on ourselves, we’ll burn out. These are problems that a lot […]

Bill Hartnett - President of Hartnett Advisors, Microsofts Godfather of Insurance Services

[Transcript] Bill Hartnett – President of Hartnett Advisors

Michael Jans: It is my pleasure to introduce Bill Hartnett. Bill, thank you so much for joining us, how are you today? Bill Hartnett: I’m great Michael, it’s really a pleasure to join you. Thanks for inviting me. Michael: All righty. I will give just a little bit of background for people who don’t know […]

3 Ways to boost your insurance agency or broekrage's top line revenue. 1 hard. 2 easy.

3 Ways to Boost Your Agency’s Top Line Revenue. 1 Hard. 2 Easy.

Marketing is the way you tell your marketplace, ‘I want a relationship with you.’ (How else will they know?) Hopefully, it answers an even more critical issue: ‘Here’s why you might want a relationship with me.’ And, presumably (just like dating!), you show them you’ll deliver value. Solve problems. Be respectful and trustworthy. Dr. Steven Covey […]

7 neat tricks to automate your agency or brokerage

7 Tricks to Automate Your Agency or Brokerage

1. Automatically send a text message when your customer’s email no longer works Connect’s rich Event Engine allows you to quickly react to changes with your customers. Our Invalid Email campaign automatically detects when a customer email goes bad and alerts your staff so they can contact the customer to fix the email. 2. Alert […]

Ryan Hanley - Senior Vice President of Marketing at and Managing Editor of Agency Nation

[Transcript] Ryan Hanley – Senior Vice President of Marketing at and Managing Editor of Agency Nation

Michael Jans: Ryan Hanley, thrilled to have you with us today thanks so much for joining us. How are you? Ryan Hanley: Mr. Jans is always my pleasure to be with you, so thanks for having me. Michael: Indeed, when you call me Mr. Jans, I know there’s a generational difference, I suppose we’ll talk […]

The Importance of Long Tail Keywords for Insurance Agencies & Brokerages

The Importance of Long Tail Keywords on Your Insurance Website

Using Long Tail Keywords To Increase Your Search Engine Rankings! These tips will show you how long tail keywords are going to help you rank better! Every insurance office wants to be on the first page of the Google Search Results! I get asked the question all the time “How do I get a better ranking?”  […]

[Transcript] Peter van Aartrijk – President & CEO of Aartrijk and Principal, Insurance Practice Leader at Chromium

Michael: Hello everybody this is Michael Jans with agency revolution. We make it easy to automate your systems engage your customers and grow your agency or brokerage. I want to welcome you to this episode of the connected insurance podcast where we examine the trends innovations challenges and solutions to the biggest problems facing retail […]