Kenneth Urbania, President and CEO of Agency Collective, and Gary Hines, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Agency Collective on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Kenny Urbania, President, CEO, Agency Collective
Gary Hines, Executive Vice President, COO, Agency Collective

In one fell swoop, 1,800 captive Nationwide agencies were unleashed to the independent world this summer. How will this affect the independent channel? How will these agencies handle the transition?

Our guests, Kenny Urbania and Gary Hines are in the thick of it, learning answers to important questions. They opened up The Agency Collective to help those agencies make their transition and quickly attracted hundreds of agencies seeking help. 

In this discussion, Kenny and Gary reveal:

  • How these changes will affect the independent channel
  • What their most successful agencies are doing differently
  • Why some agencies will get stuck and left behind

If you’re serious about navigating the many changes in this industry, listen to this podcast to stay current with one of the biggest decisions impacting today’s agents. 

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