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Is 2018 the watershed year for insurance agents? Michael Jans reviews forces too powerful to ignore…

Our podcast host, Michael Jans, has delivered a highly consumed ‘State of the Industry’ report to the insurance industry for years. In this podcast, Michael shares ‘Part One’ of his analysis of the forces that are too big to ignore. With his usual obsession for making it practical, he also shares his insights on the ‘big so what’ – what agents should do to position themselves for success in 2018.

  • Why ‘go digital or die’ is a meaningless slogan – unless you’ve got clear direction, clear strategy and alignment around what matters most.
  • Competitive channels aren’t going away…but most agents have taken a wrong turn by competing against them on their terms! Why Michael says that competing on price is a great strategy for other channels…and the wrong strategy for agents.
  • Beware the marketing guru who flashes the shiny new thing, and says ‘follow me.’ Michael shares his insight on how to pick and choose what to do – in a way that makes you smarter than the gurus with a secret agenda.

Please don’t miss this conversation with one of the industry’s most respected thought leaders. Michael is a leading advocate for insurance agents, as he has been for 25 years – but he doesn’t mince words. He believes that agents must take action forcefully in 2018 – and that the year will not be kind to the complacent, confused or overly-cautious. 2018 is a year for action.

What are other agents & brokers doing to thrive? What are the biggest trends affecting the retail insurance agent & broker? What are the most important strategies and tactics you need to grow faster? Find out here in the Connected Insurance Podcast, where Michael Jans discusses the biggest issues affecting the independent insurance agent and broker with the industries leading figures.

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