Stay Safe, Be Prepared

Coronavirus has rocked the world and independent agencies need to adapt to keep their teams safe now and into the future. Is your agency prepared to operate entirely remotely? How will this impact clients, and what role can you play right now to help keep everyone calm without sacrificing your own productivity?

Watch this live video webinar with experts who will discuss:

  • Effectively moving to remote working conditions
  • Client communications during this time
  • Impact on agency operations in 2020
  • How key policies and pricing will be affected by COVID-19

Robert Hartwig
PhD, CPCU, Director of the University of South Carolina Center for Risk and Uncertainty Management
As one of the top economists in the industry, few people have as clear-eyed of a view on how coronavirus will impact insurance agencies now and through the future.
Christopher Cook
Owner of Alliance Insurance Services
Having already established remote working conditions for his employees prior to this pandemic, Christopher will offer advice to help agencies adapt and address the situation with clients.
Brad Ruben
President of Archway Computer
With a thorough understanding of the technologies insurance agencies need to adapt to a new way of working, Brad will discuss how to ensure your data stays secure during this transition.

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