John Jackson, SME, Copywriter, Agency Revolution, on the Connected Insurance Podcast

John Jackson, Insurance Copywriter, SME, Agency Revolution

Every agency is seeking growth, and many are turning to professional marketers to help. This jam-packed episode turns to a seasoned agency marketer for insight. John Jackson, formerly the marketer at Alliance Insurance Services in North Carolina is now a copywriter and content creator for Agency Revolution clients. John looks back at his success at Alliance and shares what worked. 

Whether you have a marketer on your team, are thinking of hiring one, or are a marketer yourself, you’ll want to hear John’s insights on:

  • What worked to boost retention by 7 points and nearly double the policy-per-customer count
  • How an agency marketer can make the biggest impact on agency growth 
  • How a marketer and agency principal can work together for the best results

The agency marketer is the fastest growing position in insurance. Get the most results from this critical position when you listen to John’s poignant and practical insights.

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