Attracting Millennials in the Modern Insurance Landscape

Industry experts deliver important insight you need to keep your agency relevant in the future.

The independent insurance channel is facing two deeply interconnected issues with millennials: the average agency is struggling to attract the US’s largest generation as customers… and they’re unable to attract them as members of their team. If you want your agency to stick around for the long haul, you’re going to need to build a workforce that really understands what the customers of tomorrow look like.

To help you navigate this crucial challenge we gathered some of the leading experts on this topic for a Live Webinar Roundtable loaded with so much important information we felt we had to share it here too – because what was discussed is too important for any agent to miss out on.

Listen to this insightful conversation with Tony Cañas (Co-Founder of Insurance Nerds and Client Advisor & National Territory Manager at The Jacobson Group), Matt Masiello (CEO of SIAA and President & CEO of SAN Group), Christopher Cook (Owner & President of Alliance Insurance Services), and Joel Zwicker (Business Development Manager at Agency Revolution) so you can discover:

  • Simple steps insurance agencies can take to get in front of more millennials and young professionals… and how to do a better job showing the values and opportunities in the insurance industry that are a natural fit with what millennials find most important.
  • How millennial expectations differ from their parents. (Training, relationships, the paths to growth, company culture, and more – what they expect and how they define these concepts have evolved significantly from past generations).
  • Key changes any agency can make to become a more attractive workplace for young professionals (and will make them want to stay with you for the long-haul!).

If you plan to keep your agency running in the future without depreciating in value, you must listen to this important, information-rich discussion.

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