How Tebbs Brothers Insurance Group put Growth and Reputation on Auto-Pilot

Wouldn’t it be great if new 5-star reviews kept showing up on your Google Business Profile without lifting a finger? Or if you could say the same about increasing policies per customer or boosting your NPS score? That’s precisely what Tebbs Brothers Insurance Group figured out how to do—and we’re going to show off their secrets!

Watch this discussion with Brady Tebbs, Owner and Agents at Tebbs Brothers Insurance Group, and The Insurance Evangelist at Agency Revolution, Joel Zwicker. You’ll learn:

  • How Tebbs Brothers Insurance has generated over 100 5-star Google Reviews
  • The tactics and campaigns that automatically increase policies per customer
  • How they’ve put reputation management and NPS® on auto-pilot

How would the automation tools used by Tebbs Brothers Insurance Group work for your agency? Book a consultation today and we’ll show you exactly how you can use Fuse to increase positive online reviews, policies sold per customer, and NPS® without lifting a finger!

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