Transitioning from a captive to an independent agency

Thousands of once captive agencies are going independent. The transition is neither quick nor easy. While the freedoms of an independent agency are numerous, they come with a new set of responsibilities to navigate. 

Watch this discussion with Jamie Trovato who went independent a decade ago to start Trovato Associates and Pamela Lofton Wells who has delighted customers while transitioning Lofton Wells Insurance from being an exclusive Nationwide captive agency. 

In the conversation, they discuss:

  • How independence changed how they market
  • Which technology and partnerships have helped 
  • Things they wish they knew at the start of the transition

If you’re transitioning from captive insurance or considering starting an independent agency, don’t skip this important discussion.

Download the Trovato Associates case study and the Lofton Wells Insurance case study to learn more about how they use Agency Revolution to grow their agencies.

It’s great having Agency Revolution as we transition from being Nationwide exclusive to independent. With the company’s tools and the support from our Elevate™ Marketing Coach, the change hasn’t been overwhelming.” 

~ Pamela Lofton Wells

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