Bryan Falchuk, Founding and Managing Partner of Insurance Evolution Partners on the Connected Insurance Podcast, presented by Agency Revolution

Bryan Falchuk, Founder and Managing Partner, Insurance Evolution Partners

Our guest, Bryan Falchuk, Founder and Managing Partner at Insurance Evolution Partners, offers a roadmap to success based on real-world successes. 

Bryan is the best-selling author of The Future of Insurance, and a 20 year insurance industry veteran with experience at Liberty Mutual, Beazley, Hiscox, McKinsey, and more. Bryan’s strategies and tactics are based on transformative success stories and high-quality data. Listen to this discussion to learn:

  • Bryan’s “three themes” of reliable success in today’s insurance world
  • Strategies to reach the performance level you want from your agency
  • How to make smart technology decisions and not get derailed by shiny new fads

Listen to this discussion for eye-opening insight to help guide you through the modern age of insurance. 

Presented by Agency Revolution, the Connected Insurance Podcast provides weekly opportunities for listeners to dive deep into the trends affecting insurance agents and brokers today and to gain proven strategies and tactics for agency growth. Our hosts facilitate thoughtful panels and 1:1 conversations with a variety of prominent thought leaders, with a focus on how to streamline and drive operational efficiency for your independent agency through the intelligent use of technology.

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