Bob RusBuldt – Predient & CEO of Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America

Special podcast guest: Bob Rusbuldt, President & CEO of the Big ‘I’ National

Who could possibly have a better ‘bird’s eye’ view on the insurance industry than Bob Rusbuldt, President & CEO of the IIABA – the world’s largest agent & broker trade association? Bob shares powerful insight about:

  • The future of insurance – what really is the impact of private equity, insurtech, the huge millennial generation, and more on the daily life of the everyday insurance agent?
  • Bob shares his simple but powerful ‘4 steps to success’ for today’s agency owner.
  • Don’t be uninformed! Bob discusses mission-critical legislation that could have wide-spread impact on business.

Please do not miss this important conversation with one of the industry’s most influential and informed leaders.

Note from Michael: As I say at the beginning of every podcast, it’s my job to find the ‘innovators, geniuses, movers and shakers’ in the insurance industry. This time – I humbly submit – we did just that. I often ask myself, ‘if my listeners could track down one person in the industry to share a beer or a cup of coffee with, who would that be?’ Then, I track ‘em down. I can imagine that if every agent had a short-list of who they’d want to talk to, Bob would be on as many of those lists as anyone could be. I’m sure you’ll find him just as I did: engaging, intelligent, informed – and an important voice for the independent agent. Please enjoy this conversation… I did!

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