Charles Specht – President of Permission Group Inc

Million dollar book of commercial business… per producer? Here’s how…

How would you know if someone could help a producer build a million dollar commission book? First question: did they do it themselves?

In this case, the answer is a resounding YES. Charles Specht, CEO of The Permission Group delivers detailed instructions (and provocative insights) every producer should know:

  • The unstoppable method to position yourself as the ‘Obvious Choice’ in the marketplace…before you ever make an outbound call.
  • The reason you should never give quotes away…even if that’s the established practice…even if the prospect wants to play it that way…ever, ever, ever. (Listen to the end, where Charles makes this an ethical issue…not just a business issue.)
  • The direct route to Broker of Record letters (instead of competing against the incumbent…and competing for the underwriter’s attention!)
  • Easy ways to deliver an ongoing stream of value to your prospects and customers (and how to present it so they know it!)

If what used to work doesn’t work so well anymore…or, if you just want to boost your production of that of your producers, don’t miss this important podcast conversation with Michael Jans and Charles Specht.

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