Clinton Houck – Digital Agency Specialist at State Auto Insurance

Clinton Houck – Digital Agency Specialist at State Auto, on the Connected Insurance Podcast, Presented by Agency Revolution

Load your ‘marketing cart’ with boxes and bags of practical advice you can put to work tomorrow!

Roll up your sleeves for a masterclass on marketing in the modern age. Clinton Houck is the Digital Agency Specialist at State Auto – a company well respected for bringing the IA channel into the modern age. He ran a ‘bricks n’ mortar’ agency. He ran a ‘pure digital’ agency. Now he shares the secrets of successful digital marketing to agents throughout State Auto’s territory. Discover:

  • What Clinton strongly recommends for ‘quick wins’ and immediate results. (If you’re looking for noticeable results at no cost, check this out!)
  • The single most important number for you to watch. (And why 99 out of 100 agencies miss it… even though it’s simple and powerful!)
  • How agencies are changing their organizational structure to meet the market in the modern age. (The market has changed, but that doesn’t mean we need to be left behind!)

If you’re thinking, ‘I’d like to get my hands on PRACTICAL advice!’ you came to the right episode of the right podcast. Clinton shares tips you’ll have in place by Tuesday – with impact you’ll feel for years. Don’t miss this exciting conversation between two of the industry’s most passionate marketers, Michael Jans and Clinton Houck.

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