Did you know that a content marketing strategy costs on average 62% less than a traditional one, yet provides three times the results? How can you pass that up? And where should you start?

When creating your content strategy, it is helpful to think of the individual elements that make it up like tools in a toolkit. When used together they build value-based content that will attract prospects, retain clients, and elicit referrals.

This fantastic webinar contains a ton of great information for agents looking to implement a comprehensive content strategy. We hope you enjoy it and take away lots of useful strategies like:

  • A detailed content plan that defines brand elements like your unique value proposition and ideal client.
  • A process for consistent content creation. If your marketing plan is the engine, then your content is the gasoline. How will you keep it running?
  • A continuous content optimization method. You will learn how to measure your content’s efficacy and improve on it. 

Agency Revolution has utilized a content marketing strategy since our inception, which has produced phenomenal ROI. We hope with the information from this webinar you will be able to do the same.

Shift Your Content Strategy

Once you use your content marketing toolkit to construct your marketing strategy, take a look at Attract™ – a powerful marketing automation suite that features excellent tools like:

  • A regularly updated content library
  • Pre-built campaigns for email and social media
  • A responsive website built for SEO

Book a demo today and discover everything Attract™ can do to delight insurance consumers and grow your agency!

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