Jack Kudale, Founder, CEO, Cowbell Cyber, on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Cyber Expert Predicts Emerging Threats and Opportunities  

Jack Kudale, Founder, CEO, Cowbell

There’s a looming cybersecurity threat over small and medium business clients. Jack Kudale, Founder & CEO of Cowbell—a leader in cyber insurance for SMBs—has the bird’s-eye view on the critical trends in cyber risks.

His company monitors 23 million US based businesses for cyber threats (for perspective, that means nearly 3 out of every 4 of your commercial lines clients). And Jack doesn’t like what he sees. 

In this podcast, Jack shares his remarkable insights on cyber threats and insurance, including:

  • The key factors that are forcing huge spikes in demand, and why this is a huge growth opportunity for agencies
  • Three imperative forms of protection you should use in your own agency—and share with your customers
  • How everything from the Russia-Ukraine War, Work-From-Home, and Supply Chain weakness amplify cyber threats
  • A practical action plan for any business who gets hit by a cyber threat

Any insurance professional who is serious about protecting their customers, and their own organic growth, should make this podcast a priority. This may be the new E&O threat agencies can no longer ignore. 

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