Dave Ellis – Founder of Ellis Marketing

Dave Ellis – Founder of Ellis Marketing on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Facebook magic! How to get a steady stream of hot leads with Facebook… Now that the rules have changed for everyone!

Dave Ellis is one of the Top Facebook Advertising Experts in the nation. You’ll soon see why, as he unravels the mysteries of how huge internet marketers make millions – starting with one simple (but perfect!) Facebook ad.

If you’re an agency principal who knows you’re responsible for revenue, and you want to make certain your agency has the most effective, high volume marketing engine possible… then you need to listen to this discussion.

If you’re an agency marketer who wants to deliver real results, and not just more clever postings about ‘auto safety’ or your ‘super-fun’ Halloween party… then you need to listen to this discussion.

Dave takes time from his jammed client calendar to reveal:

  • Why (and how) your Facebook ad must be part of a ‘system’ – not just a one-shot ad. (Dave tears apart his 4-part system to show how you can ‘engineer’ the right emotions to get the best prospects—and only the best ones—to move through your funnel!)
  • One little surprise tweak that Dave used to get a 400%(!) bump to his advertising results.
  • The big changes in the social advertising platforms you must know about: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram – and where they fit into your marketing plan.

Don’t let your agency get stuck making the marketing moves of yesterday. Listen to this conversation with one of the online advertising industry’s most respected experts today and get ideas you’ll put into practice tomorrow!

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