David Heinemeier Hansson, Co-Founder, Basecamp on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

David Heinemeier Hansson, Co-Founder, Basecamp

New York Times best-selling author, Google Hacker of the Year, Le Mans Rookie of the Year, Creator of the Ruby on Rails web dev framework, and co-founder of Basecamp. You may think he’s done it all, but right now, in this crisis David Heinemeier Hansson is famous for yet again leading businesses successfully to the remote revolution. 

Everyone with remote employees owes it to themselves to listen to this candid, direct, and practical conversation on how insurance agencies can do remote the right way – so they’re stronger, more effective, and more productive than they’ve ever been. Tune in for insights including:

  • Simple and effective solutions for common objections to going remote
  • The tools and techniques David uses in his company with employees scattered across the globe
  • How to help employees feel comfortable and confident while boosting productivity

Every modern agency needs to master the rules of remote working in today’s business landscape. Make this conversation a priority and deliver better leadership to your agency. 

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