Ed Page – President & COO of Relation Insurance Services

Ed Page on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

President of this $100 million revenue agency defines what separates the winners from the losers in the modern insurance landscape

When Relation Insurance Services‘ revenues stalled at $70 million, they turned to someone from outside the insurance industry to revitalize their growth. Ed Page was able to implement a growth strategy that got their company back on track. 

Ed is an MIT Engineering graduate, Stanford MBA, and former CFO so you might think he would be focused more on financial management or product. According to him, however, the most important part of creating a great company: working with great people.

In this fast-paced conversation, Ed reveals that who you work with and how you treat them can be the deciding factor on whether you win or lose in the insurance industry.

Ed’s intelligence, passion, and insight are on display in this jam-packed conversation where he shares:

  • The most important behaviors that brought his agency from $70 to $100 million in revenue over six years
  • Actionable insights on how he built a culture that brings out the best in his team and accelerates sales
  • Marketing secrets that brought remarkable growth to his agency and can do the same for yours

Our conversation with Ed revealed tips, strategies, and insights that every agency can act on quickly to get results. If you’re impressed by a topline income of $100 million, you’ll be more impressed by how they got there and what you can copy and put to use in your own agency!

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