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Effective Communication for Retention in a Hard Market Series, Part 4: Communication for Pipeline Management

Part 4 of the Effective Communication for Retention in a Hard Market Series

This webinar series is designed to help you use simple, effective communication to retain clients and grow your independent agency – even through the challenges of a hard market. The fourth and final installment of this informative series, Communication for Pipeline Management, takes a deep dive into how you effective pipeline management can be.

Effective pipeline management allows your agency to track and follow up with every lead, including cross sell opportunities, resulting in more conversions than ever. It can also allow for streamlined workflows that improve customer service, an essential component of retention.

When you watch this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to keep opportunities from slipping through the cracks
  • Why communication plans without sales enablement aren’t enough
  • Ways to help manage your team for the successful closure of leads
  • Strategies to slice and dice your data to discover opportunities

Watch now for strategies to help you incorporate more effective pipeline management.

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