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The ROI of Email Marketing

The Greatest ROI in Insurance Marketing 

Email marketing is hands down one of the most valuable growth tools available to insurance agencies—but many underutilize this powerful channel, missing out on proven opportunities.

Data shows email marketing yields up to a $40 return for every $1 spent. Research also shows that 80% of business professionals believe email marketing increases customer retention. 

Learn the secrets to unlocking the highest possible ROI from your email marketing efforts when you watch this webinar. 

Watch now to learn best practices to transform your agency’s performance, including: 

  • Establishing the ideal email frequency
  • Developing a winning mix of content
  • Implementing powerful segmentation strategies
  • Understanding the anatomy of a successful email
  • Learning proven opportunities for high ROI emails
  • Live answers to any questions you ask during this webinar

Fuse was built from the ground up to help insurance agencies get maximum ROI from their email marketing strategy, as well as text messaging and direct mail. This AMS-integrated solution allows agencies to: 

  • Trigger email, text, and direct mail from over 100 data points in their AMS
  • Micro-target your audience and identify coverage gaps for cross-selling opportunities
  • Auto-personalize communications with specific branding, office location, policy data, and more
  • Identify and follow up with your agency’s top promoters, detractors, and neutral clients
  • Track the impact of your campaigns on the growth of your agency
  • So much more that we couldn’t possibly list it all here

Book a consultation today to see how Fuse can rev up your marketing and help your agency sell more policies, boost retention, and save time.



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