Bill Wilson, Founder, on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Bill Wilson, CPCU, ARM, Founder,

Your clients will have questions. Your team will have questions. Bill Wilson has answers about the technical and legal issues regarding insurance coverages affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Bob Rusbuldt, CEO of the IIABA said, “Bill Wilson is the nation’s foremost leading expert on form, coverage, and technical issues.” Bill holds nothing back:

  • How do business income policies cover coronavirus or shutdown by civil authority?
  • Examining exposure for remote workers on your team and your clients’ teams
  • New liabilities clients could be unknowingly exposing themselves to

Now is the time to be an insurance expert, not just an agent. This discussion will give you the confidence and clarity to help you lead your team and your agency in the crisis – and keep your team out of trouble. 

Presented by Agency Revolution, the Connected Insurance Podcast provides weekly opportunities for listeners to dive deep into the trends affecting insurance agents and brokers today and to gain proven strategies and tactics for agency growth. Our hosts facilitate thoughtful panels and 1:1 conversations with a variety of prominent thought leaders, with a focus on how to streamline and drive operational efficiency for your independent agency through the intelligent use of technology.

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