Frank Sentner - Coordinator for the ACORD InsurTech Innovation Challenge

The revolution happening in insurance today

Co-founder of CISCo and former SVP of Technology at Vertafore, and creator of the Sagitta – the first ACORD-based agency management system, Frank Sentner was on the cutting edge of insurance technology innovation 40 years ago, and he still is today. Frank is a leading voice, authority, and hands-on facilitator of the very changes that will create the ‘new’ insurance of tomorrow.

  • Discover the huge breakthroughs in insurance technology… the ones that are being funded today – and will be on the market tomorrow.
  • Have you wondered where new insurance technologies come from? Out of the blue? From garage workshops? Insurance innovation has become a well-organized (and well-funded!) sub-industry of its own. Frank shares his personal insights.
  • Find out how ACORD – one of the industry’s most reliable, stable, and core organizations – is fostering change and transformation through their ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge.

A note from Michael Jans: My conversation with Frank pulls back the curtains on just how fast and how well-oiled the ‘innovation machine’ is in the insurance industry. I learned things in this podcast I didn’t know – and, I can bank on that for you, too. If you’re looking for a ‘quick fix’ on some tactical problem, this is not the conversation for you. On the other hand, if you’re interested about the future of the industry, DO. NOT. MISS. OUT.

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