George Krahn – Founder & Principal of Proven Results Marketing Agency

George Krahn – Founder & Principal of Proven Results Marketing Agency on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Leading ‘Advanced Technology’ marketing expert shares the newest secrets to online advertising.

What does an agency principal need to know about the latest breakthroughs in digital marketing? After all, it’s likely that the principal won’t be the hands-on technician, right?

But, every principal who sees their primary job as building a reliable Organic Growth Machine for their agency should at least know what today’s marketing technologies can do for them.

George Krahn, Founder & Principal of Proven Results Marketing Agency—one of Canada’s top marketing agencies—shares inside information on what cutting edge marketers are using to fill their lead funnel with pre-qualified leads:

  • The latest advances to help you track your visitors, learn more about them – and guide them through a flawless journey to your agency.
  • New breakthroughs on phone tracking… so you always know the source of your inbound calls. (Extremely valuable when you get your Marketing Engine in place.)
  • Lead Magnets – best uses, best places, best ways to get the market to stand up and pay attention.
  • The ‘insiders’ scoop’ on Facebook. George shares what the best pro’s do to test, measure and explode their inbound leads with Facebook advertising. (Not the same as it was 11 weeks ago.)

If you have time for one conversation, this is the one that will open your eyes up to new ways technology can turbo-charge your lead generation efforts. Whether you’re an agency principal, a marketer – or if you’re more-than-curious what’s new in marketing, this is for you. Listen – and get a Masterclass in modern growth strategies.

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