The future is approaching fast… are you stuck in the past?

Technology in the insurance industry—or ‘insurtech’—has been changing everything… and there’s no signs it’s slowing down. With more innovation, new start-ups, and a flood of venture capital money that grows every year, it can be hard to know what trends matter and what’s just the latest flavor of the month. So we’re bringing together the sharpest minds in insurtech to help you navigate the insurtech jungle.

Watch this discussion and find out:

  • The trends you need to be on board with yesterday
  • How the right insurtech can make your life easier, and help your agency run smoother
  • Where the market forces are pushing insurtech… and the insurance industry as a whole
  • Why some new trends and products aren’t worth investing in… yet
  • A whole lot more!
  • Doug Mohr, Vice President of Industry Relations & Partnerships at Vertafore. Not only is Doug Mohr a leader at one of the biggest players in insurtech, his role is focused on keeping Vertafore engaged and up-to-date on the most important trends and biggest influencers in the industry, making him an expert on how insurtech will impact you.
  • Joseph Talmadge, Senior Vice President of Heffernan Insurance Brokers. Heffernan Insurance Brokers didn’t become the giant it is today out of sheer luck – it’s because of forward-thinking leaders like Joseph Talmadge that pay close attention to the insurance needs of technology companies… and how the tech trends of today can impact our industry tomorrow.
  • Ilya Bodner, Founder & CEO of Bold Penguin. At a time when start-ups and investors were trying to figure out how to use technology to disrupt the agent or brokers role in the insurance industry, Ilya Bodner had a dream that ‘insurtech’ could be combined with the human touch to give agents an edge and reduce friction in the buying process through a smart online exchange that’s always learning how to predict the optimum placement of insurance risks.

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