Grant Botma – Founder of Stewardship (

Grant Botma – Founder of Stewardship Insurance & Financial Planning, on the Connected Insurance Podcast, Presented by Agency Revolution

Masterclass in Modern Marketing — Part 3 of 3

Why should the marketplace do business with you above any and all other options? If you can’t answer that question, all the marketing tricks in the world are just that – TRICKS. This agency principal, Grant Botma, understands that lesson. In this episode of The Connected Insurance Podcast, Grant very generously shares the insights he’s used to accelerate his agency’s growth including:

  • Precisely how he created a customer journey that guides people from ‘stranger’ to ‘Raving Fan!’
  • How Grant’s agency gets a 90% response rate (yes, an unheard of 90%!) to his messaging.
  • A comprehensive review of the various technologies that Grant’s agency uses – and how they use them to generate more new business and to keep clients longer.

NOTE from Michael Jans: After interviewing so many industry Thought Leaders, I wanted to ‘touch ground’ for our listeners for a while and deliver solid, tactical and practical tips that you can put to work quickly and easily. I interviewed three ‘marketing masters’ and asked them to share a realistic review of ‘what’s working now’ in their agencies. Please don’t miss this series… and be sure to buckle up. Each of these guests is a master in their own right!

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