Steve Brossman, Founder, CEO, The Authority Factor

Steve Brossman, Founder, CEO, The Authority Factor

For the insurance producer, COVID claimed a reliable marketing tool—in-person meetings. Agents were forced to communicate online; some figured it out, some hated it, and many were in-between. 

Now, a series of best practices can make online selling a high-leverage (and easy-to-use) avenue that saves time and boosts conversion rates. 

In this workshop-style episode, Amazon best-selling author, international sales trainer, and Founder and CEO of The Authority Factor, Steve Brossman, shares his method for the mastery of online selling: 

  • What to do before an appointment to boost the “buying energy” for an online sales call
  • How to give prospects a taste of the relationship before closing the sale
  • Steve’s “Presentation/Annotation” method to move prospects to your side of the table during sales calls
  • Simple webcam tricks to help producers master their video presence

Steve Brossman doesn’t just train clients in these sales methods across five continents. He uses them every day himself. If you’re a producer, sales manager, or principal looking to boost conversion rates, you don’t want to miss this jam-packed and practical podcast discussion. 

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