Dan Faggella, CEO, Head of Research, Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, on the Connected Insurance Podcast, Presented by Agency Revolution

CEO, Head of Research, Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research

While the world is whizzing by at record speed, Dan Faggella has a keen sense of where it’s going. Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research is called upon by organizations like the World Bank, United Nations, INTERPOL, and global insurance and banking companies to help them navigate the landscape of artificial intelligence. 

In this discussion, Dan and Michael strip AI down to the basics. What it is. What it does. Why it matters—in real and practical ways—to the modern insurance agent. Listen to this discussion to learn:

  • How the investment in AI by major carriers will impact the independent agency
  • The strategic response Dan says smart agents must make as the impact of AI and changing consumer expectations converge.
  • How AI will affect your everyday business: pricing, markets, and shifting roles of agents.

If your strategic horizon goes past two years, this is a conversation you need to listen to now. Don’t miss this expert view on how this powerful technology will impact the independent agency system. 

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