A Deep Dive into Game-Changing Insurtech

Not all automation platforms are created equal. While some do little more than schedule emails, Fuse™ was built to integrate with your agency’s management system, giving you an effective and efficient way to delight clients and nurture leads. 

Curious how? Let us give you an in-depth look at some of the most loved capabilities of Fuse™, including:

  • Advanced list segmentation
  • Triggering communications based on key events
  • Setting and forgetting fully automated email, text, and direct mail sequences
  • Intuitive email builder that makes agencies look good
  • Auto-personalizing sender info, policy details, location, branding, and more
  • Powerful NPS® and reputation management tools
  • Pre-built campaigns for common insurance needs

Watch now and learn how your agency can use intelligent automation to reach the next level.

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