David Morse, Chief Customer Officer, TrueMotion on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Chief Customer Officer, TrueMotion

Telematics isn’t the newest technology, but advancements in adjacent technology—GPS accuracy, machine learning, and smartphones—has made telematics an effective tool to increase customer satisfaction, and boost retention. 

David Morse is the Chief Customer Officer at TrueMotion, the leading smartphone-only driving data platform. In this fascinating discussion, David reveals:

  • How your agency can leverage telematics
  • How telematics can help you be there for your customers the moment they need you most
  • Why captive and direct carriers are dominating the telematic market—and how it’s changing the way they write policies

Telematics will continue to expand in use and capability over the next few years. Listen to this podcast to understand why your agency should pay close attention.

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