Marc Petersen, President, American Advantage - Petersen Group on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Marc Petersen, President, American Advantage – Petersen Group

How did Marc Petersen, President of American Advantage – Petersen Group, pull off such fantastic growth results? Most agencies do it by “hiring more producers,” but for this agency, the secret to success was a robust communication strategy. 

In this revealing podcast discussion, Marc openly shares his strategy for rapid and reliable growth:

  • Why building the right content for your audience changes everything
  • Marc’s strategy for nurturing his growing leads list and converting them into clients
  • How the content strategy de-emphasizes insurance to get the conversation started

Organic growth is essential to your insurance agency, so make this conversation a priority. Marc holds nothing back and offers practical ideas that can transform your agency quickly.

Presented by Agency Revolution, the Connected Insurance Podcast provides bi-weekly opportunities for listeners to dive deep into the trends affecting insurance agents and brokers today and to gain proven strategies and tactics for agency growth. Our hosts facilitate thoughtful panels and 1:1 conversations with a variety of prominent thought leaders, with a focus on how to streamline and drive operational efficiency for your independent agency through the intelligent use of technology.

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