The rise of the digital-savvy millennial consumer does not spell doom for independent insurance agents; it presents a huge opportunity.

Younger buyers value convenience and authenticity. They can become loyal lifetime customers if you understand them from the start. Agents need to adopt new tactics to reach younger consumers, create a customer experience that appeals to them, and demonstrate ongoing value. 

This webinar will help you create strategies and tactics that will help you grow your business by gaining younger clients who will be buying more insurance over the years. Topics will include: 

  • Using digital channels to attract and engage younger buyers
  • Building engaging, personalized journeys at every step of the way
  • Creating deeper customer relationships that stand the test of time
  • How ePayPolicy and Agency Revolution aid this strategy

Create deeper relationships at scale with our intelligent automation platform, Fuse™. Whether you need to represent multiple locations or brands, trigger personalized emails, text messages, and direct mail based on data from your management system, or streamline operations within your agency, Fuse™ makes it easy to set it and forget it. Book a consultation for an in-depth look at how Fuse™ can take your agency into the modern age.

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