How to Elevate Social Media Performance Through Analytics

Masters in Marketing Replay

Learn to leverage the right data to win on social

How effective is your social media activity? Actually, let’s back up another step. How are you measuring the success of your social media activity? Most marketers in the independent insurance industry have been playing a game with imperfect information—reacting to the actions of others while trying to achieve the outcomes they want.

Watch this webinar replay today and learn how you can start playing a game with perfect information, in which you are making informed decisions based on who’s engaging with your social media content and what their behavior really means.

Stop taking shots in the dark and following popular trends for the sake of following popular trends, and start getting to know who your audience really is and what they really want. Only with this knowledge can you create social media activity that grows your business!

In this webinar, get the advice you need to:

  • Discover the metrics you need to understand your audience (and where to find powerful metrics you didn’t know existed!)
  • Use Google Analytics to track what people are engaging with on your website after interacting with your social media activity.
  • Realign your social media campaigns to engage the insurance consumers you want.

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