Michael Mensch, President, Agency Brokerage Consultants on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented b Agency Revolution

Michael Mensch, President, Agency Brokerage Consultants

As private equity firms flood the market, agency valuations are rising higher and higher. How can today’s agency principal take advantage of these conditions?

In this practical and informative podcast, Michael Mensch discusses how to navigate the turbulent and fast-moving acquisition market, and how agency principals can boost their valuation for the biggest payoff. Michael Mensch, President of Agency Brokerage Consultants, has assisted in over 200 M&A transactions and over 1,000 agency valuations.

In this conversation, Michael Mensch and podcast host Michael Jans discuss:

  • The sweeping trends that are changing the acquisition landscape for agencies
  • Possible changes in tax laws that agents must keep their eyes on today
  • Practical steps any agent can take to increase their agency’s valuation

Listen now to learn the steps you can take to determine your ultimate valuation. If you’re an agency principal, make this conversation a priority. 

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