Hugh Terry – Founder of the Digital Insurer

Founder of The Digital Insurer Sheds Light on the Future of Insurance, All Things Digital – and the Modern Agent

Hugh Terry is the founder of The Digital Insurer. 20,000 subscribers around the world. 5,000 attendees at the annual conference. More than 200 booths. If you were wondering if digital really is changing insurance – wonder no more! Hugh pulls the curtains back on a new world of insurance. A world that the modern agent must learn about…and learn to live in!

  • Disruption or transformation? Why agents need to be vigilant today more than ever. (And, which insurtech innovations are most likely to help…and which ones most likely to hurt!)
  • The unbelievable last place finish that consumers give the insurance industry (lower than banks and airlines!) – and, how agents can jump ahead and stand out from the crowd.
  • What the Modern Consumer really wants from the insurance industry (and why some demographics are so much more willing to work with agents than others!)
  • Keep an eye on insurance in Asia?! Yes – why innovation is stampeding forward in the Asian markets (and, what that signals for changes to come in North America.) Some of those innovations will boggle your mind!

Note from Michael: With Hugh dialing in from his home base in Singapore (before breakfast for Hugh; time for dinner for me), we take the sight-seeing plane up 30,000 feet. A true global view on our industry. No, you won’t get tips on how to get more Facebook engagement or boost today’s closing rate. But, you will get a clear-eyed view on the future of insurance – and, how that’s about to be very, very different than today. If you’re going to be in the insurance world for a few years, do not miss this conversation. Hugh is knowledgeable, insightful – and cares about how insurance takes care of its customers. Please join us!

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