Kabir Syed, Founder, CEO, Ennabl on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Kabir Syed, Founder, CEO, Ennabl

When Kabir Syed was a Managing Director at Marsh, he was given a little data project that generated millions of dollars and opened his eyes to just how much money agencies leave on the table. 

This seasoned insurance professional and entrepreneur said, “I’m not really that good at technology, but I LOVE data.” That’s why he built a team of engineers to handle the technology for him while he showed them where to mine and how to polish the wealth of data hidden within every single agency today. 

Since he started Ennabl, Kabir has learned a lot about agency data, including: 

  • How to mix private and public data for a huge marketing advantage over the competition
  • Why agency margins should be much higher than the average agency sees today
  • Remarkable secrets about clients, carriers, producers, and niches hiding inside an agency’s book of business

Data makes you an expert in your business. It also makes you an expert in your customers. Hear from one of the insurance industry’s leading data analysts on how to unleash the power of data in your business when you listen to this episode. 

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