Jay Bregman, Founder & CEO, Thimble, on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

Jay Bregman, Founder, CEO, Thimble

By 2021 over half of small and medium businesses will be owned by millennials. By 2027 the majority of the US workforce will work as freelancers. Is your agency ready to serve them? Jay Bregman saw three things about the “new economy” that tend to make traditional insurance agencies frightened: It’s moving. It’s fast. It’s different. 

As Founder & CEO of Thimble—an insurtech with substantial backing—Jay reveals:

  • How his company can craft policies as short as a month or even an hour
  • How agents can serve the freelancers lurking outside the traditional insurance industry
  • How Thimble has slashed “buy-time” to as little as 60 seconds

If you want to make sure your agency doesn’t get left behind in the new economy, listen today.

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