Marty Ellingsworth, Executive Managin Director, P&C Insurance Intelligence, J.D. Power

Marty Ellingsworth, Executive Managing Director, P&C Insurance Intelligence, J.D. Power

Over his many years of observing and working in the insurance industry, Martin Ellingsworth has created innovation at almost every link in the P&C value chain. Now Marty holds a birds-eye view of the entire industry in his position as Executive Managing Director of P&C Insurance Intelligence at J.D. Power. 

In this important podcast, Marty directs his attention toward the independent agency channel and the trends that are changing their very business:

  • What’s causing the hard marketing in auto insurance and where it’s going
  • Why independent agents should keep their eye on the State Farm business model
  • What agents should watch for as tech continues to have a massive impact on our industry

Serious agents, industry leaders, and insura-preneurs from all corners of the industry must make Marty’s insights a priority. 

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