Jamie Trovato – Founder of Trovato Associates

Jamie Trovato – Founder of Trovato Associates on the Connected Insurance Podcast, presented by Agency Revolution

Agency principal shares practical steps you can take to give your customers the wow experience they’re looking for.

When Jamie Trovato left the captive insurance world to start his own independent insurance agency, he discovered how much more control you could really have over the customer experience. As he began investing more of himself into the technologies and processes that make an insurance agency run, one of the most striking things he discovered is how much customers will thank you when marketing automation is implemented effectively.

In this episode, Joel Zwicker and Jamie Trovato get into the nitty-gritty and super-practical details of:

  • Why automation is so much more than scheduling messages to go to your customers (and how Jamie uses it to help customers coordinate with the services they need… effortlessly and instantly).
  • The steps Trovato Associates is taking to future-proof their agency and ensure they’re ahead of the curve on the industry changes that will impact agencies the hardest.
  • How Jamie uses Agency Revolution to make his clients lives easier and deliver a wow experience so good price won’t enter the equation when choosing where to buy their next policy.

Do not miss this important conversation with one of the insurance industry’s most forward thinking and customer-centric agency owners.

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