John Jackson – Digital Marketing Manager at Alliance Insurance Services

John Jackson – Digital Marketing Manager at Alliance Insurance Services, on the Connected Insurance Podcast, presented by Agency Revolution

Masterclass in Modern Marketing — Part 2 of 3

Do you have a marketer on staff? (56% of agencies do… so it’s important to ask!) Or, are YOU the marketer? However you ‘get marketing done,’ you do NOT want to miss this conversation. After interviewing so many insurance Thought Leaders on the big trends that are turning insurance upside-down, we wanted to deliver some ‘what to do about it’ advice. I interviewed three masters who are controlling their own destiny… with world-class marketing.

This week we are joined by John Jackson, the chief marketer at Alliance Insurance Services. He runs the agency’s website, writes their blogs, and creates video content for their YouTube channel and other forms of social media.

  • How John manages and organizes the FIVE big responsibilities he has as a marketer (blogging, SEO, video, email marketing, social media) – and what he does to get RESULTS from each one.
  • The habits, routines and cadence of activities John uses to get marketing done… and to stay ‘top of mind’ in the marketplace.
  • John’s clever and effective secrets for getting the most out of VIDEO.

If you want tips on how to manage, or BE, the best marketer in your marketplace, please do not miss out on this important interview!

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