Joseph Talmadge – Senior Vice President of Heffernan Insurance Brokers

Here’s why agents must pay attention to blockchain

BLOCKCHAIN?! Is there no end to what we need to learn about?! Joe Talmadge – commercial lines producer and SVP at the highly esteemed Heffernan Insurance – delivers a wake-up call on the global emergence of blockchain as an industry transformer:

  • Blockchain fundamentals… what you should know about it as an insurance professional. (By the end of this conversation, you probably won’t be a blockchain expert… but, you’ll be able to have intelligent conversations about it, be able to talk to carriers about it – and have the confidence that you’ve got your eye on the ball.)
  • What you should know about how blockchain will transform insurance (and, how it’s already turning some industries upside-down). Learn how it will streamline product selection, customer relations, underwriting, claims analysis, and industry efficiencies.
  • Why this technology is radically different than other solutions – and what that means to real jobs and functions in the insurance industry.

A note from Michael Jans: If you’re hankering for one of Michael’s ‘practical-tactical’ interviews (like ‘how to boost your email open rate by 30%), this interview won’t scratch that itch. But… if you’re going to be in the industry for the next three years (and you’re intellectually curious about what that future looks like), you’ll want to hear Joe’s crystal-clear explanation of blockchain. One day – soon – you’ll be part of that chain. Now is the time to learn!

If you want to learn more about Heffernan Insurace’s technology practice, click here.

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