Marc Maselli – Founder & Managing Director of Morgan Partners

Marc Maselli – Founder and Managing Director of Morgan Group on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented by Agency Revolution

An investment banker explains why the next three years matter to the independent agent

Who can best predict the future? Maybe it’s the people who fund it. Our guest, Marc Maselli, is the Founder & Managing Director of Morgan Partners, one of the premier boutique investment banks that focuses on financial technology. As an MIT engineering graduate, he has an uncanny insight on how technology evolves – and, he’s been behind some of the most transformative deals in insurance.

Because Morgan Partners works with enablers and replacers, Marc delivers a balanced perspective on what an agent needs to do to thrive in today’s modern insurance era including:

  • Watching Insurtech enablers and displacers, the forces and trends that can help you navigate the near-term future.
  • Understanding the surprising impact reliable growth has on your agency’s valuation… and how to move your agency in the right direction.
  • Making strategic decisions. Unless you’re getting ready to sell now, Marc has suggestions on ‘the big decisions’ you’ll need to make in the very near future.

Please don’t miss this conversation with one of the insurance industry’s genuine transformers. Whether we’re getting ready for the future or not, this week’s guest is helping to make that future happen.

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