Michael Jans – The 4 Stages of ‘The Marketer’ in the Modern Insurance Agency

Michael Jans on the Connected Insurance Podcast presented b Agency Revolution

How the marketer fits into today’s insurance agency model

Should you hire a marketer for your agency? What should they do? How do you manage them for maximum results?

The ‘shape’ of agencies is quickly changing to meet the modern consumer. More and more agencies are hiring part to full-time marketers to help them scale their organic growth.

Michael Jans calls on his nearly 30 years of insurance marketing experience to answer this emerging problem. To help agency principals—and marketers—clarify their thinking about this important position, Michael presents a 4 stage model that builds a framework for the contemporary agency:

  • What are the ‘4 Stages’ of marketing in the modern agency – and, precisely what should you expect from your marketer at each stage?
  • Michael identifies 7 Principles for the modern marketer… each one will help guide you to find and lead the activities of marketing in your agency.
  • How do you hire a marketer and what should you look for? Michael identifies 8 aspects of ‘marketing as a profession’ to help guide your own strategic thinking about how your agency reaches the marketplace and earns trust and business.

Please don’t miss this conversation with one of the industry’s most respected and experienced marketers. Whether you’re an agency principal or an agency marketer, this podcast will help you get answers on how to move your marketing to the next level.

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