Mike Reddy – President of the Benefits Division, and Senior Vice President of Field Operations at Keystone Insurers Group

Mike Reddy – President of the Benefits Division and Senior Vice Preisdent of Field Operations at Keystone Insurers Group, on the Connected Insurance Podcast, presented by Agency Revolution

Why agents must change their ways… or their days will be numbered.

Almost a third of a century ‘in the biz’ – and still on the cutting edge. Long-time benefit wizard, Mike Reddy, serves as President of the Employee Benefits Division at the Keystone Insurers Group, as well as SVP of Field Operations. From this unusually powerful perch, Mike shares his observations of an industry in transition:

  • The ‘different’ behaviors that separate the winners from the losers. (In his role as SVP of Field Operations at Keystone, Mike gets the ‘birds-eye’ on hundreds of agencies. As he said, ‘There will be clear disruption… and clear winners and clear losers’. He shared what he thinks will determine which way agencies will go).
  • The future of benefits in the P&C agency. (Whether you have a full-fledged benefit division – or you write it when you can – Mike shares his crystal ball with the industry right here).
  • Strategy vs. tactics (and planning vs. chaos!). Mike shares his insight on what happens to agencies when they really plan… and thoughts on how to go about it – the right way.

Please don’t miss this conversation with one of the insurance industry’s most respected benefit and planning leaders – and one of the industry’s tireless advocates for the independent agent. Listen today and get ideas you’ll put into practice tomorrow!

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