Motivate Your Agency’s Team to Achieve World Class Performance

Seth Preus – Founder of Mivation and creator of Leaderboard Legends and RacingSnail on the Connected Insurance Podcast, presented by Agency Revolution

Seth Preus – Founder of Mivation

What would it mean to your agency if everyone on your team got to the next level? Our host, Michael Jans, speaks with Seth Preus, agency owner and creator of Leaderboard Legends software. In this episode, he reveals surprising strategies to help agents make that happen:

  • Common mistakes agency owners make when they try to build a high-performance culture (and the huge mistakes they often make when they don’t even try)!
  • How to tap into those magical and powerful intrinsic motivators to help your team members achieve results that exceed even their own expectations—plus a shocking analysis on how extrinsic motivators can backfire when wrongly applied!
  • Three high-leverage but low-cost habits you can install in your agency for an almost-instant and reliable boost to agency-wide performance.

From producers to CSRs, if you are looking for an easy but important uptick in team performance, do not miss this conversation with Seth—one of the industry’s top thought leaders and practitioners of outstanding performance.

Listen today and get ideas you’ll put into practice tomorrow!

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