Neal Stanley – President of Palmetto Management Advisors

Insurance clusters and networks: what every agent needs to know

With 45 years of experience, including as a former insurance company CEO (3 times over) and a former ‘network’ principal, Neal is a true veteran of the insurance industry. In recent years, Neal has brought together a ‘network of networks’ – and is widely recognized as the ‘go-to’ consultant for this important corner of the insurance industry.

What exactly is a ‘network’? By Neal’s estimate about 65% of agencies & brokerages belong to one. Listen to this discussion to discover:

  • What every agent & broker needs to know about networks. Why you should (or shouldn’t) join. What you need to consider first. How to determine if a network is right for you.
  • How networks provide solutions for small and large agencies, whether it’s about carrier access, contingencies, perpetuation, training… and a whole lot more.
  • Neal’s 4 steps to success for modern agencies & brokerages
  • What separates the winners from the losers in the modern insurance marketplace.

A note from Michael Jans: This is a ‘can’t miss’ episode for anyone that wants to know more about networks or clusters. Even if you’re in one, it’s a good time to reflect on your own membership. (BTW, Neal predicts that we will soon see a consolidation of networks, so everyone needs to pay attention to this trend). By my own admission I did not include this in my State of the Industry report… so consider this podcast an ‘amendment’ to that report! Please don’t miss this conversation with the industry’s most respected network consultant – I took a page of notes (as I do every time I talk to Neal!) and you probably will too!

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