Nicholas Ayers – Co-founder of i80 Insurance Solutions and Co-founder of the Independent Agency Owners Alliance

Simple but powerful ways EVERY agent can and should use video to generate leads and boost retention!

No doubt, you’ve seen the explosion of video on your smartphone, computer – coming at you from platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. You may not have thought ‘how can I use video to grow my agency?’ But you will be when you hear this conversation with Nicholas Ayers. Good news! He also gives answers. Detailed answers:

  • The easiest way to get started delivering video to your marketplace. (It’s virtually no-cost. You probably already have the equipment… and you can set it up in less than a minute.)
  • Why video is so important to your customers (think ‘emotion’ and ‘connection’) and the 3 simple kinds of video so easy to create you can do most of them without any more training than what Nicholas provides in this podcast!
  • BONUS: precisely how Nicholas gets his customers to do more of the work AND enjoy doing it! (This should save you tens of thousands of dollars!)

Note from Michael: I’ve interviewed some very, very smart thought leaders and industry influencers lately. And, they’ve shared some very important ‘big ideas’ and ‘big trends.’ This time, I was fortunate to interview a very very smart insurance agent… and we kept this conversation at the practical-tactical level. For those of you who want to know just ‘how it’s done’ in the real-world of running an agency, this is a conversation you’ll love. Nick was extremely generous with his wisdom and experience (he shares why at the end of the podcast). Nick qualifies as a thought leader in his own right. Leading from the field where agents work day in and day out.

ONE LAST THOUGHT: If you’re not registered for the Elevate Conference, this podcast may convince you. Nick is a speaker – and I’m sure he’ll deliver endless value there, too.

What are other agents & brokers doing to thrive? What are the biggest trends affecting the retail insurance agent & broker? What are the most important strategies and tactics you need to grow faster? Find out here in the Connected Insurance Podcast, where Michael Jans discusses the biggest issues affecting the independent insurance agent and broker with the industries leading figures.

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