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Direct mail, referrals, and community engagement used to be the bread and butter of independent insurance agencies. Then the internet happened. Suddenly email and social media dominated everyone’s attention, and almost overnight the whole game changed. 

Here’s the good news: Many of those pre-internet strategies are still viable in the digital age; and when combined with digital marketing, those tactics can be more effective than ever. 

Watch this webinar and discover:

  • The benefits of email vs. direct mail
  • How social media marketing can enhance event marketing
  • Tips for generating referrals both online and offline
  • How to digitally automate direct mail
  • Strategies to make multiple channels work together for one campaign

Engage your audience and grow your agency when you learn how to make old school and new school strategies work better together.

Multi-channel marketing made easy

When you’re ready, kick your new integrated marketing strategy into high gear with Attract™. With powerful and versatile social media, email, and direct mail scheduling tools, making your digital and old school marketing tactics work together will be a breeze!

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