Peter van Aartrijk – Co-founder & Principal at Chromium and CEO of Aartrijk

Peter van Aartrijk – Co-founder & Principal at Chromium and CEO of Aartrijk on the Connected Insurance Podcast, presented by Agency Revolution

How re-branding can boost your agency in the marketplace… and just how to do it right!

Fresh on the release of his new book on branding, insurance marketing expert, Peter van Aartrijk, lays out a clear message for these times.

After you listen to this conversation, you’ll probably be thinking, ‘It’s time. Time to take a very close look at how the marketplace views us. And, it’s time for us to take complete control over it.’

Peter has a 30 year ‘love affair’ with the independent insurance channel. But, he doesn’t hold back from honest criticism. Agents who have embraced that criticism have thrived – as they benefit from marketplace clarity, differentiation and a culture of fast-growth.

  • The common mistakes agents make with their brand. (Hint: branding is not just refreshing your name, colors, logo, or tagline. Dive deeper…and the rest comes easy!)
  • Why most agents underestimate how powerful branding is because they only look at the surface of their brand. (A powerful brand delivers experience, stories, human connections and more. Peter shares his insights on how to make that happen.)
  • Why NOW is most likely the time for you to inspect your brand. (Millennials have different expectations… and, here’s a FACT for you: millennials will be the largest generation in North America in 2019. That’s like tomorrow.)

A note from Michael Jans: Peter, of course, is one of the more recognized names in the insurance marketing landscape. It’s rare for us to find 30 year veterans who are still energized, insightful and full of energy. Peter lays it all on the table in this interview. He left me with two pages of my own notes – and, as always, made me think about my own brand and how it plays in the marketplace. Please join me in this podcast conversation. It’s an important one for this modern age.

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