Phil Edmundson – Founder of Corvus Insurance Holdings

Insurtech that is friendly to the agency. And, it’s one you should know about.

Phil Edmundson is a master of the commercial insurance field. He co-founded the brokerage firm William Gallagher Associates before selling it to Arthur J Gallagher, and has been an active leader in The Worldwide Broker Network, as well as The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers.

Then, he scanned the future of commercial insurance… and decided to be part of it. How? By founding Corvus, an insurtech firm that works with and supports commercial brokers.

That should be a breath of fresh air for agents & brokers. As billions flood the insurtech ‘revolution,’ most of it, so far, doesn’t ‘play nice’ with brokers. Phil’s company does, and they’ve successfully secured $4 million in Bain Capital Ventures funding – so, expect to see this company become a serious player in the industry.

Here is a glimpse of the discussion:

  • What commercial brokers must pay attention to in today’s marketplace.
  • Changes in what commercial consumers want and how their behavior has changed – and how commercial brokers should adapt.
  • How emerging insurtechs are supporting – not fighting – the independent agency channel (and, how Corvus can give brokers an ‘unfair advantage’).

A note from Michael Jans: A great many of my guests are friends that I’ve worked with somehow over the last 25 years. Phil is a new friend. Smart. Articulate. And, very, very knowledgeable about what matters in commercial insurance. I plan to keep my conversation with Phil ongoing. I suggest you get to know him through this conversation.

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