Practical Growth Tactics for the Modern Insurance Agent

Jeremiah Desmarais, Best-selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Insurance Marketing Expert on the Connected Insurance Podcast, presented by Agency Revolution

Jeremiah Desmarais, Best-selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Insurance Marketing Expert

It’s hard to keep up. What once worked loses efficacy. New things pop up left and right. How do you know what to do, and what to ignore? What will grow your agency? What will waste your time?

In this episode, we get practical with one of the industry’s most respected marketers. Jeremiah Desmarais is the former VP of Marketing for Applied Systems and a long-time marketing consultant to agents and financial advisors.

In this episode, Jeremiah shares:

  • How to generate a non-stop stream of leads from LinkedIn
  • A simple but powerful trick to keep your agency focused on the best growth activities
  • How insurance agents can use webinars to delight current clients and close more sales 

Listen to this episode for a discussion loaded with practical growth advice your agency can put into use right away.  

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