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Text Message Marketing Best Practices

How Insurance Agencies can Boost Engagement and Increase Sales

In 2022, research showed that 70% of consumers had opted in to receive texts from businesses, and 51% of consumers reply to texts in under two minutes. It’s one of the most powerful engagement tools available to insurance agencies. 

Engage your clients and prospects where they want to be reached. Watch this AMA webinar replay to learn strategies and best practices to leverage text messaging, including:   

  • What to do before you get started
  • How to choose the right messaging for your audience
  • Tips to keep your audience engaged and opted in
  • How to engage your entire audience without dropping the personal touch
  • The most powerful text messaging tools for insurance agencies

Are you ready to implement a robust text message marketing strategy in your insurance agency? Book a consultation and see how Fuse can elevate the way you communicate with clients and prospects.